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October 28, 2015
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Should I Build My Store With WooCommerce

graphic about woocommerce

graphic about woocommerce

Should I Build My Store With WooCommerce?


What is WooCommerce ?

The most exciting fact about WooCommerce is that its the most popular eCommerce solution out there. It powers 25% of the  top 1 million eCommerce stores worldwide. So to answer the question: ” Should I Build My Store With WooCommerce? “. The answer is yes.

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerceplugin for WordPress. It was designed to  help  you build an eCommerce store using WordPress. The plugin quickly became popular for its ease of use and because its free.

WooCommerce was first developed by WordPress theme developer WooThemes, who hired Mike Jolley and James Koster, developers at Jigowatt, to work on a fork of Jigoshop that became WooCommerce. In August 2014, WooCommerce powered 381,187 sites (or 17.77% of e-commerce sites online).

In November 2014, the first WooConf, a conference focusing on eCommerce using WooCommerce was held in San Francisco, California. It attracted 300 attendees.

In May 2015, WooThemes and WooCommerce were acquired by Automattic, operator of and core contributor to the WordPress software.

WooCommerce Usage

Active installations : 4 million+

Rating : 4.5 (based on over 3000 reviews)

Available Languages: 54

Price: Free

As a plugin WooCommerce is used by 13.6% of all websites that use WordPress and 28% of all e-commerce websites on the internet. This not only makes it the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress today but also the most popular plugin overall.

One of the main reason for its popularity is that its so very easy to use….


WooCommerce Themes

There are close to 2.000 WooCommerce ready themes that you can find online in places like Themeforest, Mojo Themes;What is a WooCommerce ready theme? Simply its a theme that has been designed to work well with the WooCommerce plugin. One of the most popular themes like these is the Storefront Theme it is built and maintained by WooCommerce core developers so integration with the WordPress and WooCommerce is seamless.

WooCommerce Addons & Extensions

If you read this far you are now familiar with the WooCommerce plugin is and why it’s needed. There are also many WooCommerce Addons & Extensions that add functionality and additional features to your online stores that don’t normally ship with the raw version of WooCommerce.

In the following link You’ll find a list of 35 of the most useful addons and extensions for the WooCommerce plugin.

We hope you have found our blog post about WooCommerce useful. If you need help setting up an online store we have 10 years experience in web design and setting up WooCommerce websites. Don’t hesitate to CONTACT US and well be happy to help you with your web project.

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